As professional women shopping for workwear, we couldn't help but feel as though somewhere the retail gods were laughing at us, watching us accept inflated designer prices or rummage through minimal quality fast-fashion racks while asking ourselves "is this office appropriate?" We thought we deserved better.

So we knew what we had to do: create a new brand, dedicated to outfitting the woman who knows she shouldn't have to sacrifice quality for price or style for an office dress code. A modern retail brand that bypasses the middleman and retail markup to offer our customers the balance of quality and price they deserve.

At Of Mercer we offer extreme value. We use luxury Italian wool and specialty Japanese fabrics to produce impeccably tailored pieces, all offered for below $250. And all are made in NYC. We have a bold modern aesthetic with a work-appropriate edit that suits the most varied of office dress codes and a desk-to-anything lifestyle.

You demand more from yourself everyday.
It's time to demand more from your workwear, starting here.

Of Mercer Co-Founders

Of Mercer Co-Founders

About the founders

Co-founders Dorie and Emelyn met the first week of Wharton Business School at a welcome event… wearing the exact same black dress. Laughing over the initial awkwardness, they immediately bonded over their shared appreciation for their one, go-to confidence-inducing professional outfit. But how, after so much searching, had they both landed on the exact same dress, a boring one at that? Having worked in consulting and finance for years, they knew there had to be a better way to get dressed for work 5 (or 6 or 7) days a week. The solution was simple: create a dedicated workwear brand with a bold modern aesthetic to take women where they need to go.

It seemed easy enough, but the endeavor was ambitious and something was missing…a creative, a designer, someone with fashion industry experience… Enter Aja: Parsons grad and tailored clothing specialist. And with that Of Mercer was born.

Why are you called of mercer?

Good question. The word mercer has a rich history that touches upon our mission to make clothes with the highest quality fabrics and construction. In the 13th century there was a trade association in London called the Company of Mercers. It describes a group dedicated to bettering their profession and evokes a sense of belonging to something bigger. We're part of a new generation of professional women who understand they shouldn’t have to sacrifice quality for price or style for an office dress code – Of Mercer is the workwear brand of this generation.

Of Mercer Co-Founders