Have It All

Inspired by the work-life balance thing, Of Mercer creates “workwear” for everywhere. From demanding client meetings to red-eye flights or last-minute drinks, our clothing fits every aspect of your day. Because who has time to change? (Answer: No one.)

We get that a killer wardrobe won’t guarantee a promotion or a second date, but it just might help. We’re also made in NYC.

Work Meets Wear

Here’s the deal: We’re founded by women who work — think: cubicles, on deadline, ordering delivery at 9 P.M. We get that your wardrobe needs to multitask 24/7, like you. Our team creates what women need: Office-appropriate clothing designed to make you feel incredible. That’s why we obsess over customer feedback, what our girlfriends want, and creating the perfect fit — always over a glass of Malbec. (Stop by our office — it’s fully stocked.)

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