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The Best Ways to Style Your Office Clothes on the Weekend

We've pulled together our favorite ways to style workwear on the weekend! 


Workwear is clean. Stark lines, structured silhouettes, and quality material are all components that give workwear their sought-after, polished appearance. It would be a disservice to say that it only has a place in the office when fashion houses like Chanel, Celine, and Donna Karan have been championing the workwear aesthetic for decades on the runway. Today, newer labels such as The Row have made it clear that professional clothing will continue to dominate trends for future generations. The continual incorporation of workwear in designer collections makes it easy for the working-gal to reinvent her office wardrobe into her brunch wardrobe- and we wouldn’t have it any other way for you!

So what exactly is the weekend aesthetic? The philosophy behind repurposing work attire outside the office is so the wearer can juxtapose or embellish the other pieces in their outfit. For example, pairing a trouser with a t-shirt offers the structure and sophistication of pleated pants while keeping it laid back with a shirt. Conversely, a blazer and a cocktail dress can work in conjunction to complement a more formal setting. To help you navigate your weekend look, we’ve chosen a few examples of fusion workwear outfits that we love.


Woman standing against wall with trousers and blazer
IG: @naomianwerr

Look number one is the reason why we love weekends- to have some fun. The graphic t-shirt and rubber boots coupled with the striped pants and blazer add some levity to the overall darker, more structured tones. This outfit succeeds in adding a relaxed but polished aura for your weekend strolls.


Women in muted tones standing against wall
The Row, Spring 2021 Ready-to-Wear

The muted tones, flip-flop heels, and shoulder purse make this look perfect for those who like to plan their outfits last minute. Combining both the work cardigan and the tailored trouser, the simplicity and minimalist accessories carry this look into the new millennium of the weekend scene.


Woman walking with baseball cap on
Celine, Spring 2021 Ready-to-Wear

For those who prefer a more utilitarian aesthetic, this look is for you. We love how the grit of the baseball cap juxtaposes the cordial folds of the blazer and collared button-up shirt. To fully transform this set into a weekend appropriate outfit, the jeans and boots continue the flow of the baseball cap to solidify the look.


IG: @bellahadid

Somebody has to give props to her stylist. In this outfit, jeans and a graphic sweater can add some fun to a collared shirt and blazer. Of course, we cannot forget the heavy-lifting that the different colored stones and earrings offer to the set.


With these looks in your tool belt, we gathered some Of Mercer pieces that would be perfect for your weekends- if you don't already have them! 

The Reade Jardigan


With a subtle plaid touch and a timeless collar, the Reade Jardigan is the perfect weekend blazer to channel the Celine it-girl.

The Beekman Pants


We love the effortless look of the Beekman Pants. Coupled with a pair of heels, this looks remind us of what The Row styled for their most recent line. Chic and classy.

Elliot Dress


We love the Freesia Outline Elliot Dress for all seasons. With a pair of tall boots and a short denim jacket you’ll be blending the 70's and 2020’s seamlessly, as every downtown girl should.