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Virtual Game Night

Seven of our favorite games to play with friends via Zoom!

If your friend group is anything like ours, the weekly zoom hangouts have begun to lose their luster. What once felt like a fun novelty, have quickly made us crave something more, well, fun. As a solution to the occasionally awkward and distant feel of virtual hangouts, our team has become champions of the Game Night. Here is our round-up of our favorite virtual-friendly games from classics like Scattegories and Trivia to newer favorites like Heads Up.

1. Scattegories

This game is extremely easy to play with any number of people. One person shares their screen with the rest of the players, they roll for a letter, and press play! It's super simple and can entertain a large group of people of different age groups, making it a go-to for socially distant family game nights!

2. Trivia

Trivia is one of our favorite go-to's for game nights, virtual or not. Join in on this free weekly Zoom trivia game that hosts over 100 people, allowing you to play alone or with your friends and family. The categories range from sports and history to Seinfeld characters and frozen foods! If you want to host your own trivia game night, use our favorite trivia question generator, to make planning your personal trivia night easier.

3. Just Dance

If you're looking to do something a bit more active, this is definitely for you. The game developers created a version of their hit game that does not require any gaming console. Just launch the app on your phone, enter the room number located on the top of the Just Dance web page on your computer, and start playing. Your friends can join you so you can all compete against each other!

4. Murder Mystery

If you’ve ever played Mafia, this game works essentially the same way, just adapted to be played virtually. You will need at least 7 players to play, along with someone who plays the narrator, so it is ideal for large parties. ZoomJam includes all the information you need to play the game. Our tip? Assigning characters beforehand and encouraging everyone to dress up!

5. Heads Up!

Download this app on your phone and get started! If you haven't played this before, you may have seen your favorite celebrities play this game with Ellen on her show! The game works exactly the same over video chat, hold the phone over your head, and your friends will give you clues to guess who/what you are. Try and guess as many as possible in one minute.

6. Psych!

Developed by the same people who made Head’s Up, you and your friends can synch games on your phones and play virtually. The game works by making up fake answers to trivia questions (similar to Cards Against Humanity) and voting on the best one. 

7. Netflix Party

If what you miss more than anything is simply watching your favorite TV with your friends, you must download the Google Chrome extension, Netflix Party. This extension allows you to sync screens with any number of people, so it feels like you're watching the show together. Additionally, there is a chat feature on the side so you can virtually talk over the show while watching.