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The Best Healthy and Easy Recipes For Your Week

Whatever kind of diet you are on- or not on- we've rounded up recipes that are easy to make and appropriate for any relationship you have with food that day. 

It's that time of the year where we resolve to change our eating habits for the better! While eating healthy should always be something to strive for, it's especially hard to muster up the motivation to do so when you're in quarantine, don't have access to a gym, and don't have the time in the day to meal prep. We get it. Well, being healthy doesn't have to mean eating salads for every meal- and it's even okay to eat meals that aren't all vegetable based. Whatever kind of diet you are on- or not on- we've rounded up recipes that are easy to make and appropriate for any relationship you have with food that day. 

Classic Tofu Scramble 

Whether you are a vegetarian, a meat eater, a vegan, or somewhere in between, you can't go wrong with tofu. It absorbs flavor well and is packed with healthy fats. However, if you don't prepare it properly, it can taste pretty bland. That's why we love this recipe from @thefullhelping. The author of the blog and the chef behind the scramble is a dietician, so you know the food you are eating won't break your diet. Her recipe for this scramble also includes tofu preparation, so you can ensure that the tofu is ready each step of the way. Make this recipe in bulk and keep it to make over the course of your week, or have it one meal at a time. Either way, you'll love this creamy tofu recipe filled with hints of paprika and tahini. 

Cauliflower Meatballs 

It's time to pass the crown over from the infamous cauliflower hot wings. If you want the savory taste of creamy buffalo, without the added triglycerides, we've got the recipe for you. We found this recipe from @jessicainthekitchen that combines quinoa and cauliflower to achieve the perfect texture for your meatball substitute with tenfold the amount of nutritional benefits. Because the flavor is so versatile, you can eat it as a side to pasta or as an appetizer with toothpicks inside! 

Grilled Eggplant 

What's rich in antioxidants, potassium, and purple all over? Eggplants can be one of the healthiest additions to your meal that is equally as filling. If you want the wholesome ingredients of a salad but are sick of the monotonous flavors and textures, check out this recipe. From French blogger @clemfoodie, this hearty eggplant and quinoa bowl is the perfect salad to enjoy on a cold day when you can't have the frozen iceberg lettuce. Including fetta, pomegranate, hazelnut, and fresh mint, we love this recipe for its ability to balance cozy and healthy. P.S. the blog page is in French but if you scroll down the English recipe is available! 

Alternative Bread 

Carbs are good- they are energy and they keep us going, but too much can start to slow you down and lead to health issues. If you are watching your carbs for health reasons or for you keto diet, we stumbled upon a recipe that is easy, healthy, and inexpensive! Created by food blogger, @thehangrywoman, this recipe takes a total of- wait for it- 90 seconds to make. Using almond flour, egg, and butter, this recipe is microwavable. The keto bread is accompanied by a savory, nutty flavor with a texture very close to real bread. If you've been on a low carb diet and you're missing a nice toast in the morning, look no further! 

Pesto Pasta 

Canada based dietitian, @walderwellness, holds the key to our favorite and easiest pesto pasta recipe. This Basil Walnut Pesto Linguine recipe is dairy-free and filled with nutrients that everyone should have in their diets. Walnuts are a great source of omega-3 (hello healthy fats) and basil is rich in magnesium and calcium! We love this recipe because it's quick and so tasty for when you want to flex that cooking muscle to other people.