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Top 5 Yoga Resources

We've rounded up yoga resources that are perfect for all different types of levels and interests! 

As the warm weather approaches, finding time to enjoy the sun can come in many forms. One idea that lets you embrace the sun and also improve your mental health is yoga. Tracing its origins over 5,000 years ago in northern India, yoga has been used as medicine, exercise, and a way of life. It was not until years later that yoga was introduced to the west, where we eventually practiced it and used it until it entered the mainstream. More than ever, with stressful schedules and deadlines, people have honored the adoption of yoga culture as a way of getting in touch with themselves and adding peace to their lives. For whatever reason yoga resonates with you, we wanted to share some resources that we’ve found helpful for all levels and interests.

1. Yogi Approved Blog

For those who wish to embrace yoga in all its essence- diet, mindfulness, and travel- this website is the right choice for you. Including tips, poses, lessons, and specialized training, the yoga section of this blog caters to yoga flows that are constantly being updated so you never have to be stuck on the same routine. In addition to that, Yogi Approved also has healthy recipes and diet tips for more energy and vitality on and off your yoga mat. We love the mindfulness section and travel section for those looking to take a retreat domestically or globally to find you inner yogi.

2. Alo Yoga

For those who are already familiar with yoga, we suggest Alo Yoga. While there are classes tailored for beginners as well, most of the flows are strenuous and require a base level of technique knowledge. The highlight of Alo Yoga is that they include free courses such as “7 Days of Chakra Balancing,” which helps you stay regimented in your practice and allow you to explore different elements to yoga in a specialized video. If you are very advanced, Alo Yoga has many instructors who speak the same language as you and can introduce you to new arm balances, flows, and poses.

3. SarahBethYoga

Another YouTube channel that provides free training, SarahBethYoga is better suited for those starting yoga or those who just like to practice their yoga with less pressure on flexibility. Her videos are so great for any level because she guides the yogi through the poses by making sure they have correct form and intentions in their practice. For those worried about yoga related injury, these videos will help you adjust your body and modify for poses that might be too intense for you. An added bonus with this channel is that it has videos specifically for those who suffer from back issues, IBS, and ulcerative colitis. The great thing about yoga is that there is no judgment, and this instructor makes sure you get the most foundational knowledge out of her judgment-free sessions.

4. FitOn

While this app is not dedicated solely to yoga, it is the perfect resource if you are trying yoga during the pandemic. The best feature of this app is that you can do your flows with a friend if you both have the app! So, if starting yoga has been challenging for you in the past, what better way is there to hold yourself accountable than to do the flows virtually with a friend at the same time? Plus, it cures the pandemic loneliness. On FitOn, you will have access to professional instructors who allow you to do yoga tailored to your needs; if you need lower impact flows you can adjust your settings to reflect that. Unlike the other resources, this app allows you to curate playlists and yoga sessions that you enjoyed the most, and suggests more based on your usage.

5. Yoga Anatomy Second Edition

For those of you who are interested in the inner workings of your body during your yoga routine, this is the perfect book for you! Starting with a brief history of yoga, this book goes into the breathing, joints, and muscles involved in each yoga pose, allowing you to practice it as safely and as effectively as possible. Whether or not you are generally interested in anatomy, this book will surely elevate your practice and garner greater respect for your body during your flows and every day after.