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Your Guide to Suits and Sneakers

We've compiled a list of the perfect suit-sneakers to have in your closet. Read more to find the sneaker that matches your dream look! 

The busier our work lives get, the easier it is to justify being kind to your body using any faculty available! The most convenient way to do this is to wear sneakers with your suits. Not only does this save you from future back pain and a tiring work day, but it pairs so perfectly with suits that it is hard to pass up. We've rounded up a list of our favorite sneakers to help you choose which fits your work personality the best! 

1. Converse 

Kamala Harris Suit Sneaker

If the Vice President-elect can rock Converse and a suit, so can you! Basically giving all working women the OK to pull their Converse out of retirement, Kamala Harris rocked this look way before the campaign trail. Whether you like high tops or low tops, Converse are perfect for anyone looking for effortless street style and a shoe that has the classic all American look.

2. Adidas Superstars 

Zendaya outfit look sneakers

For those who appreciate a more monochrome shoe, we love the Cloud White Adidas Superstar sneakers. The withstanding structure of the shoe adds the element of solidity to any suit, ensuring it doesn’t get lost under your billowy trousers.

3. New Balances 

Kai Gerber fashion

We love Kai Gerber in these grey with castlerock New Balances. The tone of the shoe is easy on the eyes and can compliment any color of suiting. With an unparalleled comfort, we love New Balances for days when you need to wear your power-suit long distances. Leave these shoes to do the walking while you do the talking!

4. Asics Running Shoes 


The Asics sneaker specializes in comfort and support for runners. With the perfect dad-shoe look, these sneakers can take you from work to the gym. Fashion writer and influencer, @stephaniebroek, matches her red-accented sneakers perfectly with a full suit. If you are looking for breathable shoes that you can also work out in, look no further than these retro Asics!

5. Vans 

Kristen Stewart Fashion

It’s back to basics with this Kristen Stewart look. A classic pair of Vans add an edge to your suiting which will be sure to show off your personality. Designed to handle wear and tear, Vans will have the longest life span in your closet.