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The Best In-Season Recipes for Spring

With spring approaching in earnest, we wanted to offer up the tastiest dishes to make with this season's fresh vegetables! 

The farm to table concept has been increasingly popular in the last few years. With celebrities endorsing the practice, new companies coming out dedicated to this, and social media echoing it, it is hard not to imagine all the benefits that eating in-season can provide. In general, eating foods that are in season are better for the environment and taste much more vibrant than food shipped in trucks for days on end. While it is sometimes more expensive to eat locally, we wanted to offer some spring dish ideas that you can treat yourself to every now and then when you’re craving something particularly fresh. Get ready to visit your local farmers market with a spring in your step!

1. Asparagus Cream Pasta

Asparagus is a coveted spring favorite because of its shorter growing period. Unlike other vegetables, it grows most fruitfully in the months of April and May, making it less fresh during other months. So, once the April showers kick in, that’s your signal to head over to the market for these delicious greens. The best use of fresh and healthy vegetables is in a creamy dish, so you can have comfort food with the added enthusiasm of a crisp vegetable. This scrumptious recipe makes the cream out of the asparagus itself, creating a true melt-in-your-mouth experience.

2. Rhubarb Custard Cake

Unlike asparagus, rhubarb is a spring vegetable that is pretty resilient, so no rush on this following recipe! When we think of dessert, we don’t often pair it with the presence of vegetables in our head. Rich in antioxidants, and also anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties, adding rhubarb to your desert is something you can feel good about. We love the added addition of lemon zest in this dish to take it to the next level of night-time freshness. 

3. Grilled Apricot With Brie, Prosciutto, and Honey

No one is ready for how simple yet delicious this recipe is. During the sunny days of spring, people can start to have a couple friends over for an outdoor hang out, making your debut as a host in over a year more important than ever! While many may not be in top chef form, we still have a taste for excellence. Get back into the swing of things with the ease and tastiness of this recipe! The smoky, sweet flavor of the grilled apricot will be the perfect foil to the saltiness of the prosciutto. You won’t stop getting compliments with this effortless recipe. Plus, no one needs to know how easy it was!

4. Leek and Potato Galette With Pistachio Crust

It’s time to get a little fancy with it. If you like fully making your own dishes, from crust to sauce, this is the dish for you. Leeks are a great spring vegetable and have many health benefits for changing seasons. If you are the person who always gets a cold during the spring and fall months, leeks are the perfect vegetable for you as they are known to strengthen your immune system and are rich in many micro-nutrients. With sprinkled goat cheese on top, we love this harmonious medley of flavors for a fun family cook-time this spring!

5. Spinach Walnut Pesto

Spinach is a staple that most people have in their fridge all year round, but did you know that their prime season to grow is spring? During this time, it’s good to be extra mindful of where you are getting your produce and make the decision to get your spinach locally for the tastiest possible addition to your diet. What better way to immerse yourself in the freshness of spring spinach than to make a pesto sauce out of it? People love pesto. Not only will this provide you with the best flavor, but the integrity of the nutrients will carry over better as well, making it an easy and crowd pleasing dish.