Subscription Services for #BossLadies

(that are actually worth it!)


Subscription Services That Are Worth It | Of Mercer Blog

These days, it seems like you can get a subscription box service for just about anything. A bazillion start-ups have cropped up over the past few years, offering door-to-door subscriptions for literally every little thing under the sun. (Just check this Forbes article: Has The Subscription Box Boom Turned Into A Bubble?)

We’re definitely guilty of subscribing to our fair share of the services over the past few years. But, if you’re wondering which ones are actually worth it (i.e., here to stay) and which are just mere gimmicks, you’ve landed in the right spot. We’ve rounded up the top eight subscription services that we seriously can’t live without—these services that have made a true difference in our lives (and in the lives of fellow #bossladies). Take a peek below at our top picks.

Subscriptions That Are Totally Worth It | Of Mercer Blog

The Deets

(1) Mistobox: If you’re a regular reader of our blog, then you know we have a slight obsession with coffee (see our favorite mugs here)! If you consider yourself a bit of a #CoffeeSnob (no judgment!), Mistobox is the perfect subscription. With this membership, you get roasted-to-order coffee beans sent directly to your door each month. Coffee is curated just for y-o-u, so you know you’ll be starting each morning out right!

(2) Winc: Wine. Club. Need we say more? We used to spend SO much time perusing overpriced wine stores trying to find the perfect bottle to pair with dinner or just to unwind after a hectic workweek. With this service, you take a fun palate profile test… Then, Winc sends a select box of wines directly to your door. Once you drink up, you get to rate your wines—so, over time, the service gets to know your tastes better. After a couple months, Winc gets to know your palate pretty well (it’s kind of scary!). The best part? You don’t even have to take a step out of your house.

(3) Birchbox: The O.G. (original gangsta, that is) of all box subscriptions! Birchbox came on the scene a few years back, and they’ve revolutionized how we shop for makeup & hair products. We’ve tried copycat cosmetics subscriptions… But, Birchbox is still the best. The products are most premium (think hairspray by Oribe or cleansing oil by Shiseido) and the price point is totally reasonable. It’s the perfect way to try new products that you’ll actually use. (P.S. Check out our fashion and beauty recommendations from Birchbox here!)

(4) Daily Harvest: Okay, there are like a million food subscription services out there. But this one, my friends, is totally legit. Why? Because it’s seriously the easiest. A lot of other subscriptions leave you with a box of food/ingredients, but you still have to spend a TON of time prepping the meals—#Ain’tNobodyGotTimeForThat! With Daily Harvest everything is already chopped and portioned out; you get a bowl of frozen ingredients and all you have to do is add liquid and then blend/heat. Making weekday breakfasts and lunches healthy and easy.

(5) The Bouqs: Flowers are an absolute must in our workspace. A beautiful bouquet never fails to brighten up our office and bring in a natural sense of freshness. Sadly, our schedules don’t permit for regular trips to the market or to a florist—and not mention, traditional floral delivery services can get downright expensive. With this service, you can get a new bouquet delivered to your office weekly, twice a month, or even monthly—all with transparent prices. Not to mention, the arrangements are gorgeous, never stuffy or gimmicky. (Perfect for office gifting, too!)

(6) LOLA: Do you know what’s really inside your tampons or other feminine products? We didn’t either… Until we invited Jordana Kier, the She-E.O. behind LOLA, to our “Innovations In Women's Care” panel last month (check it out here!). LOLA makes 100% organic cotton tampons, panty liners, and pads—all delivered direct. So, say goodbye to inconvenient trips to the drugstore, and say hello to organic feminine care products delivered straight to y-o-u.

(7) Graze: We have a “thing” for a good mid-day snack. (Check out a few of our faves here!) If you’re looking for easy, healthy workday snacks, Graze is a dream come true. With Graze, you can fill your desk drawers with healthy goodies (made without artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives). Every snack also comes in portioned-controlled packs—so you can snack smart (it’s def the perfect alternative to your co-worker’s candy bowl).

(8) Causebox: This subscription service is just too cool not to include! With this service, every quarter you receive a seasonal selection of socially conscious products (like jewelry, tea, scarves, nail polish, etc.). Contents in each box is a surprise—but every product included is focused on ethical and sustainable production, donating a percent of profits to charity, or aiming to inspire and empower others. It’s the perfect way to treat yourself, while also giving back.