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Our Social Distancing Approved Wellness Roundup

We've rounded up a few of our favorite free online classes right now so you can stay healthy while indoors! 


It’s around 5:30pm and you’ve officially clocked out of work for the night. Time to unwind and decompress. Usually, this is when you go to the gym, except now is not usually, and now you are locked in your house.

Well that restlessness isn’t going to cure itself! We know that staying active and engaged is essential to your sanity, so we compiled a list of some brands that are hosting online classes during this social distancing time: 

BrightLand @wearebrightland 

Based in California, BrightLand is a health and wellness brand that  just launched a digital series that is now featuring content such as cooking classes, wine tutorials, and poetry readings. To tune in, check out their IGLive or Zoom!

Modo Yoga NYC @modoyoganyc

This NYC Yoga studio is currently doing Instagram Live classes every day, 7 times a day. For whichever class fits in your schedule (or if all do) take a break and unwind with a meditation session or a yoga class- we could all use one right now.

Rumble NYC @doyourrumble 

If yoga doesn’t fix your pent up frustration from being locked at home… we think this might help! Rumble is an NYC based gym that will now be posting cardio workouts and bodyweight workouts. Even better, they’ve tailored the routine so that no special equipment is necessary.

CorePower Yoga 

For those who don’t want to choose between a calming yoga and an intense workout, CorePower Yoga is offering online classes through YouTube. To access all their live streams, click here.

If you’ve come across any other wellness streams or videos, tweet us @ofmercer so we can share with everyone. Stay safe, and stay active!