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Our Top Netflix Picks

We rounded up our favorite movies/TV shows to watch for whatever mood you're in! 

Having trouble escaping reality these days? We have an easy remedy which has the added benefit of being paired with a snack and a couch (and wine of course). Movies and TV shows have the super-power of setting the tone for your day or week... or, they can simply make you laugh in the moment. Take a look at our top picks of movies and TV shows on Netflix: 


To Watch With the Family: 


HUGO draws you in from the beginning with a dreamy score and a hopeful tone, you’ll feel like a kid again!  


Classic RomCom: 

He’s Just Not That Into You 

Cozy up to this one with some wine and popcorn during your next virtual hang-out. It’s funny enough to grab your attention, but the plot doesn’t require you to pay complete attention (we’re looking at you, movie-talkers).    


Feel Good TV Shows: 

Parks & Recreation  

It’s hilarious and quirky, and can always fix a sour mood. By the end of the 7th season, you will have taken at least 8 different personality quizzes, and hated the result of each one!   



Neal Brennan: 3 Mics  

In this standup, Neal Brennan explores three different types of comedy: one-liners, classic narrative, and a “real” account of his life and struggles. This standup will leave you laughing, relating, and feeling seen.  




From the makers of Vox, Explained episodes take you on a journey through different phenomena and concepts like Monogamy and Bitcoin. Serving as a crash course, you don’t even have to know the bare minimum about the subject at hand- just watch and indulge in the human experience.  


Inspirational TV: 

Chef’s Table  

This show takes you around the world, diving into the stories and inspirations driving renowned chefs who unveil their unique approaches to food and life.   




This sci-fi thriller is filled with action and purpose, and has all the makings of a great piece of cinema. However Snowpiercer goes further than that, exploring themes of class and climate.  


An Evergreen: 

Silver Lining’s Playbook  

Peppered with dark humor, this movie featuring Hollywood angels Jennifer Lawrence and Bradley Cooper tells the story of two people with troubled pasts who find identity in one another. You’ll never get tired of rewatching this one.  


Mini Movies: 


With each episode spanning one and a half hours long, this series has four seasons with three episodes each. While you think you might just watch one episode a day to finish the series, we won’t be surprised if that looks more like one season a day.  



The Great British Bake Off 

We haven’t talked to anyone who doesn’t get hooked on this show immediately and who isn’t weirdly soothed by it. If you’re going stir-crazy, this might be the show for you.  


Strong Female Roles:  

20th Century Women 

Taking place in the 70s-80s, this movie unmasks the storyline of a single mother in her 50s raising a teenage boy who is coming into himself. Filled with both the tumult of coming age, and the complexity of a woman in her 50s, this movie checks all the boxes. 

Coming of Age: 


Following the life of a young man through three different stages of his life, moonlight explores the themes of community, masculinity, and identity. While it’s no walk in the park to watch, you will definitely feel moved and fulfilled at the end of its two hours. 



Kill Bill Vol. 1 & 2 

Featuring a kick-butt Uma Therman and other deadly women, this movie follows an assassin who’s getting revenge on her ex-lover for trying to kill her. It sounds dark, but it’s really just an action film that will probably inspire you to hike up your workout routines! 


If You Want to Cry: 

Blue Valentine  

A story based on two young lovers who stayed together because of a pregnancy, this movie will make you feel the wanderlust of young love and the hardship of true love. *commence sobbing*   



Frances Ha  

Shot in black and white, this movie trails an aspiring dancer who faces the challenges of being a young adult in an expensive city, with a best friend whose husband she despises… no one wants to be her, but it’s definitely fun to watch.   

Foreign Language Film: 


With or without subtitles, this movie will stay with you. Taking place in Mexico, Roma focuses on the life of a domestic worker who finds herself on the journey of pregnancy while still having to balance the challenges of being an at-home worker.