Of Mercer's Coziest Clothes

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Of Mercer's Coziest Clothes

We've gathered our comfiest clothes that will make you feel relaxed, but completely professional! 

Whether you work from home or travel in person, the newest circumstances we find ourselves in necessitate only the comfiest clothes. And let’s be honest, the daily routine of wearing your most professional clothes can get old when you are only in the comfort of your own home. Still, a certain amount of decorum will not only make you look good to your boss (score), but you will feel better about the day and a lot more productive than if you were to kick it in your pajamas all day- no shame in that, but sometimes it's good to switch it up! Bearing that in mind, we made some brand new clothes to reflect the dilemma of comfy and professional, and also gathered up some of our past collections that are completely work and home appropriate. Read on to find out which clothes made the cut.

Purple pullover

Catherine Pullover

Extra, extra, read all about it- Of Mercer has made an office appropriate pullover! It was about time. We’ve been searching for something like this to wear to our own meetings, when we finally decided to create our own version of the perfect work-appropriate sweatshirt. Coming in Blackberry and Navy, this pullover boasts a loose crop fit and casual drop shoulder design to ensure the fit is comfortable but still stylish. For us, the material of this pullover seals the deal. In a cool, medium-weight Italian brocade knit, this pullover has a luxuriously textured appearance with a silky smooth inside that is comfortable against the skin. But we aren’t done yet- this pullover matches perfectly with the Carroll Pants if you are looking for a sophisticated jump-suit look.


Carroll Pants

The Carroll Pants are the sister pair to the Catherine Pullover. Whether you wear them separately or together is up to you. Also coming in Navy and Blackberry, the tailored shape of these pants give the appearance of being analogous to your other work pants, except they feel completely different (and by that we mean extremely good). In a loose fitting, Italian brocade knit, these luxe joggers feature an elastic waistband to act just like the joggers you wear on a lazy weekend. With the added convenience of pockets, these pants are sure to stay with you from work, to doing groceries, to watching a late night movie. It was about time that ease met luxury!

comfy shirt

Maurice Top

The hardest thing to find that is comfy and sophisticated are work shirts. Either they are sleeveless or made from a snuggle-averse material. The Maurice Top is the remedy to that problem! Wear the Maurice Top any season of the year thanks to its lightweight Italian knit material that is soft to the touch and easy on the eyes. In its relaxed but draped fit, this versatile top comes in caramel and navy, perfect to pair with any color pants or bottoms! No matter how comfy it feels, the pleat detail right at the top of the shirt shows people that you still mean business- but you just feel good doing it!

cozy cardigan

Winston Cardigan

You know those comfy moments where you bunch the ends of your sleeves into your fingers and fold both flanks of your cardigan over each other? Those are the moments we live for while working from home. In honor of that blissful feeling, we created the Winston Cardigan. The matchless, smooth texture of this cardigan will leave you feeling like you never changed out of your pajamas! In Tarragon and Fog Grey, the Italian-knit cardigan is cropped at the bottom and falls right at the waist so you can wear any pants you desire without looking unpolished. Yep, that means keep your sweats or your pajama pants on, because this cardigan dresses you up just enough to look relaxed and in charge. With its clever design, you can keep it as a cardigan or even wear it as a top with all the buttons that feel good to you!  

gray wrap dresss

Sutton Wrap Dress

While pants, bottoms, and cardigans are a fool-proof cozy and professional look, we did not want to let you think that dresses can’t be comfy either! Rejoice in the effortless elegance of the Sutton Wrap Dress. With a multi-functional wrap that can be tied in the front or back, the adjustable Sutton Wrap Dress can be worn through the whole day- meaning breakfast, lunch, and five snacks won’t leave you feeling like you need to change! Crafted from chic jersey fabric, the supple feel and texture of this dress is perfect for snuggling up in your work seat with the offered flexibility of the dress. And the best part is, you don’t have to worry about the normal wrap dress issue of low necklines, because this dress was made to intentionally cross higher than other wrap dresses. Say goodbye to the idea of uncomfortable dresses.   

comfy scarf

Merino Wool Scarf

We could not leave out the relaxed sophistication of the fashionable Merino Wool Scarf. Made from extrafine Italian wool, this lightweight knit is the real deal when it comes to comfort and grace. Because of its infinity scarf design, you can double it up, wear it as a cape, of even wear it to cover your head if you’re feeling extra chilly! On the video conference you’ll look polished and alert, off the video call you’ll feel like you’re still in bed- almost like you got away with being the coziest person in your workplace! But shhh… it’s our little secret.