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Sherita Rankins | Women Of Mercer | Of Mercer Blog

The model, TV host and blogger who doles out practical tips for optimizing your finances and your closet.

Ask Sherita Rankins what she does for a living and you’re likely to get a bemused look. “What don’t I do?” she’ll respond. And it’s a good question. Rankins began her career at fifteen as a model and now spends her days running her lifestyle blog Busy Wife Busy Life. But, she is also a commercial actress, a TV host and has served as director of finance for a nonprofit too. In other words, she’s no stranger to a career pivot (or two). 

Now, she’s channeled all that life - and work – experience into her blog. “The idea for my site is that it is a resource for women,” explains Rankins. “I want to give them the tools and information they need so that they can tick things off their to-do lists and get back to focusing on what they really love.” For Rankins this means combining fashion advice, food intel (think simple weeknight dinner recipes, healthy eating hacks), personal finance and career advice and productivity tips.

“In the blogging space, it’s no longer good enough to just take a cute photo,” says Rankins. “You have to give your readers something to take away.” Which is why she thinks that combining fashion, food and travel with more practical life skills sets her apart. “The same person who wants to buy cute clothes probably wants to learn how to save money on their groceries and plan for their retirement,” she explains. “Why wouldn’t they want all of that information in one place?”

Some of her top stories have included tips for talking money with your significant other (a piece that she cheekily released on Valentine’s Day) and another entitled “7 Reasons Why You’re Still Broke.” “We create these lifestyles for ourselves and then get to the end of the year and wonder how we forgot to save any money,” explains Rankins. “I encourage my readers to look at their habits. How often are you going out to eat? Are you spending seven dollars on coffee every morning? It’s about examining your life and figuring out what’s important – like that ski trip with your friends – and where you can budget. You’ve got to make compromises.”

Sherita Rankins | #WomenOfMercer | Of Mercer Blog

For Rankins, it’s been gratifying to see how much her blog has resonated with other women. “I never thought it would be my full time thing,” she confesses. “And then suddenly my side thing became my main thing, but in the end it’s best when it happens that way because it’s really genuine.”

In fact, it’s that authenticity that Rankins says is key to building a successful blog. “Don’t try to keep up with anyone else. Post on your own schedule and about things that are meaningful to you,” she advises. “Brand partners and readers can tell when you’re just trying to sell them something.” Plus, she adds, if you don’t love your content and what you’re doing, a blog can easily become a lot of work with little payoff. “It’ll feel like a job,” she says. “And I don’t mean a career!”  

According to Rankins, even better than her blog’s success has been her ability to support and mentor other women in the industry. “When I was first starting out, I didn’t know a lot of bloggers, but I surrounded myself with empowered, determined women who gave me the courage to put myself out there and reach out to the blogging community for advice and tip,” she recalls. Now, Rankins is paying it forward by supporting other blogging hopefuls. “I think one of the best things we can do to help out other women is to just be mindful of our networks and actively try to lend advice or help when we have the expertise, and try to make connections or referrals when we don’t,” she says. “Because in the end what’s more inspiring than a community of like-minded women who are working toward their goals and building each other up to succeed?”