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Meet Nicole Smithee

Nicole Smithee is the Co-Founder and CEO of Iridescent Women, a digital media company committed to awakening women to their unique brilliance. She lives in Manhattan with the love of her life, her husband, Ben.

Name: Nicole Smithee

Occupation: Co-Founder & CEO, Iridescent Women

Location: New York

Guilty Pleasure: Binge-watching Netflix

carlisle dress
5 questions for you...
1. What part of your job is most rewarding? 

By far the most rewarding part is simply getting to meet so many phenomenal women through co-hosting The Iridescent Podcast and hearing from so many women sharing their experiences, insights, and perspectives on our website When women believe they have something powerful to bring to this world and share their voice vulnerably and boldly, it sparks hope and brilliance in others!

2. What was the moment that made you realize you wanted to do what you do now?

There really was a moment I felt called to serve and support women. I frequently travel and speak at conferences and events, and at one particular speaking engagement before stepping out onto the stage, I scanned the auditorium filled with young women, and I knew in that moment that I needed to do more for them. It was more than a career move; it became a passion- a burning burden in my heart that I couldn’t shake. It felt like a divine calling and something that I was created to do. 

3. What could you spend all day talking about?

My faith, stories I've just heard of people doing good and overcoming adversity, and movies. I love movies.

4. What is your favorite characteristic of your best friend?


5. What is the first thing you notice about a new employee?

What makes someone a standout to me is their commitment to and ownership of the mission where they work. If they genuinely care about what they are doing and believe what they are doing matters, they have the potential to maximize their capacity while elevating the morale and dedication of the entire team they are a part of. 

What's in your desk?
Too Faced Lipstick, Laptop, AirPods

Too Faced Lipstick, Laptop, AirPods

What's your power outfit?

The Carlisle Dress

Fill in the blank...
happy place
comfort food
what gives you confidence?