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Meet Michelle Keinan

Michelle Keinan knows what she wants, and always gets it... and she shares her magic with every woman that wants it too!

Name: Michelle Keinan

Occupation: Founder at City Wellness Collective + Radically Selfish

Location: New York

Most Recent Read: Re-reading Women Who Run With the Wolves

Black Dress
5 questions for you...

1. What's the best advice you’ve ever given or received?

Never take advice from other people. Advice is just someone telling you what they think is best for you based on what is actually best for them. We each have our own needs, values, and desires - don't do what is best for other people when it comes to your life and your decisions. However, the guidance that has helped me the most is Don Miguel Ruiz's Four Agreements: Be impeccable with your word. Don't take anything personally. Don't make assumptions. Always do your best.

2. How would you describe your personal style? 

Relaxed, sensual, and special. And must feel as comfortable as pajamas!

3. What was the last thing that made you laugh out loud?

My 10 mo old daughter Paz - she is hilariously inquisitive and constantly smiling.

4. What’s a productivity tip you swear by?  

Start your day with a self-pleasure practice. If you take care of yourself and prioritize your pleasure, you become a magnet for all the things you want - opportunities, relationships, money - and when you are feeling great, you're always more productive, easily.

5. Think  of  the woman you most admire and name three qualities she exhibits.  

Doesn't let fear hold her back, has an amazing sense of humor, finds the magic (and the opportunity) in everything.

What's in your desk?
Rosewater, Journal, Pouch

Rosewater, Journal, Pouch

What's your power outfit?
Black Dress

The Jay Dress

Fill in the blank...
Self Care
My work, my life, my balance
Snatam Kauer, Lizzo