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Meet Lisa Mayer & Jody Chadban

Lisa Mayer is the Founder and CEO of My Social Canvas, an accessories and fashion brand whose products are designed by girls, for girls. Jody Chadban is the Program Director for My Social Canvas and is passionate about equipping young women and girls to step into the dreams in their heart.

Name: Lisa Mayer & Jody Chadban

Occupation: Lisa is the founder and CEO of My Social Canvas & Jody is the Program Director of My Social Canvas

Location: New York

Lisa's Motto for Life: Design the life you love

Jody's Motto for Life: Stay hopeful

Plum Dress and Black Dress
5 questions for you...

1. What part of your job is most rewarding?

 L – MSC is my dream job! I love that I get to build a company that equips the next generation of women and girls. High school and college women are the heart of our entire brand, and everything we do helps them design the life and career they love.

J – The most rewarding part of my job is to see girls stepping into opportunities they never dreamt were possible! To see the joy and excitement on their faces, is so incredible.

2. What was the moment that made you realize you wanted to do what you do now?

L – I remember seeing a commercial for TOMS Shoes many years ago. The commercial featured their Founder (Blake Mycoskie) sharing his passion for business that gives back – his title was “Chief Shoe Giver”. From that moment on, I always had a passion for purpose driven brands. I decided to start my own brand with a mission. Through MSC, we give the next generation of girls a voice. We want them to know their voice matters. Every product we make is designed by her or inspired by HER voice.

J – The moment that I realized kindness was a superpower, and there was a deep sense of fulfillment and love in giving my life to helping others dream big and not giving up.

3. What could you spend all day talking about?

L – MSC is so much more than a typical job, it never quite feels like work. That said, I could talk about MSC and our vision for the future all day long.

J – I could spend all day talking about the different ways we could spread the message of My Social Canvas further and reach even more girls!

4. What’s your favorite characteristic of your best friend?

L – She is optimistic and looks on the bright side of any situation. Even when life is messy or not so perfect, she believes the best is always yet to come.

J – Her capacity to dig in deep when the hard times come, and never leave my side.

5. What's the first thing you notice about a new employee?

L – Their passion for our work and ability to problem solve. I love team members that are determined to make the most of any situation – even a challenge!

J – Their smile!

What's in your desk?
iPhone, Chanel No. 5, Junior Mints

iPhone, Chanel No. 5, Junior Mints

What's your power outfit?
Plum Dress and Black Dress

The Morgan Dress

The Rodney Dress

Fill in the blank...
my work is, my life is, my balance is