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Meet Emily Smith

Emily is an engineering and business nerd turned creative writer who happens to be obsessed with the intricacies of modern relationships, she combined these seemingly disparate interests to found and build Chorus, a new matchmaking app that's making modern dating less lonely and more human again.

Name: Emily Smith

Occupation: CEO + Founder of Chorus

Location: New York

Childhood Dream Job: Building Spy Equipment

Work Wear
5 questions for you...

1. What's the best advice you’ve ever given or received?

This is probably cheesy but something I always circle back to is the old quote "live the questions," from Rainer Maria Rilke. I think my mom said it a long time ago when I was going through a big transition and it really stuck. I would almost always prefer to experience something and learn from it, rather than wonder what if. 

2. How would you describe your personal style? 

Simple, comfortable, colorless. 80% of the time you can find me in black jeans, white Reeboks, and a grey t-shirt. I'm not a visual person so deciding what to wear takes energy that I'd prefer not to waste; I mostly stick with a uniform. Also my hair can get kind of wild, so I mostly let that do its thing, mix it up with some funky glasses, and keep the clothes simple.

3. What was the last thing that made you laugh out loud?

Almost definitely a phone call with my sister.

4. What’s a productivity tip you swear by?  

Schedule out your work and compartmentalize like crazy. I'm a huge fan of box-ing out specific times for specific tasks--even, and especially, relaxing--and to just let yourself live in those times and not think about the other stuff because you know you've scheduled aside time for it. If I let myself think about everything I had to do all the time, I'd be completely crippled with anxiety

5. Think  of  the woman you most admire and name three qualities she exhibits.  

Being totally at home doing her own thing, incessant curiosity and appreciation for art and intellect, and deep concern for things beyond herself that benefit a greater good.

What's in your desk?
Journal, Headphones, Incense

Journal, Headphones, Incense

What's your power outfit?
Work Dress

The Watts Dress

Fill in the blank...
Trick Mirror
Bread, music, friends
my work keeps me going, my life is always changing my balance is what im figuring out
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