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Web Recs for Chic Professionals –
March 2017 Edition 

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Craving a quick read to take in over your next lunch hour, coffee break, or commute to work? In honor of the last week of March (a.k.a., Women’s History Month), we’re bringing you a special edition of “Links We Love” to share a few of our favorite online finds.

Of Mercer Blog

(1) The stats are in. Women in the workplace lead to better teams and companies. Take a look for yourself in this article from The Muse: The Cold, Hard Proof That More Women Means Better Business (For example, did you know that teams that include at least one female member have a collectively higher IQ than teams that have just men?)

(2) Okay, ready for some real inspo? Check out these 12 Under-Recognized, Badass Women Who Changed the World. You may not find them in schoolbooks or know their names by heart, but they all are uber #BossLadies that left their mark on history.

(3) How cool is the Fearless Girl statue that went up in Wall Street this month? Mad props to State Street Global Advisors, McCann, and Kristen Visbal—the masterminds behind the statue. Learn more about the Fearless Girl here: The Backstory Behind That 'Fearless Girl' Statue on Wall Street

(4) Whether your workplace is business formal or casual (or anything in between!), we have the perfect tips for mastering your office dress code. Check out our Advice for Dressing for Every Kind of Office.

(5) Kinda over that “Rah! Rah! Love your body” talk? How about we stop comparing and living on a linear scale of positives and negatives, and instead embrace body neutrality? Man Repeller’s Please Stop Telling Me to Love My Body article definitely rings true to this sentiment.

(6) If you’re planning a cozy night in this weekend, you gotta check out one of these 17 Movies about Women to Watch for Women's History Month. And yes, Legally Blonde definitely made the list. 

(7) How frustrating is it to hear people call women “girls”? Mayim Bialik Just Dropped Some Truth About The Way We Talk About Women. In her words, "When we use words to describe adult women that are typically used to describe children, it changes the way we think about women.”

(8) We are full-blown podcast addicts. They’re perfect to listen to when commuting, working out, or just winding down at night. Looking for a few new ones to get hooked on? Check out Career Contessa’s list of 7 Women-Run Podcasts That Will Make You A Smarter Human.

(9) Let’s hear it for a new generation of women leaders in public service. Since the 2016 presidential election, 4,000 women have expressed a desire to run for elected positions. See Levo’s article on Why More Women Are Running For Office.

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