This is how you'll feel wearing our Essex Pants


Because we can't fully describe how amazing our polished-but-comfy Essex Skinny Pants are in just a photo, we thought we'd ask our staff how they felt wearing them. The answer? All the feels. Allow us to illustrate just how transformative these pair of pants are. 

In the Essex pants, I pretty much feel like...

A modern-day Audrey Hepburn
That tailored high-waist fit? 100% classic. Especially with loafers.

A revolutionary genius
It’s as if you’ve made your closet’s greatest discovery and figured out the secret to life perfect pants.

A million bucks
Without, you know, actually having spent anything coming close to that.

Master Yogi

A master yogi
Not saying you should practice monkey pose in a pair but thanks to stretchy Japanese fabric, you could.

A total boss
This style is all hands-in-the-air-victory status. Put ’em on and well, you can do anything.

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