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Innovations In Women's Care Panel

Meet the influential women behind Thinx, Lola, and Lia.

Women Of Mercer Panel - THINX, LOLA, Lia Diagnostics

What is one thing that THINXLOLA, and Lia all have in common? They have powerful, innovative, and influential women as their founders (and She-Eos). On December 7th we hosted a panel to introduce an audience of 100 people to three boss women, Bethany Edwards (Lia), Jordana Kier (LOLA), and Miki Agrawal (THINX). For the past… forever, men have been “innovating” and developing products for women (and their vaginas), but how in the world are they supposed to know what we need or how to make improvements? Well, ask Miki this question and she will tell you that in the past she’s made male colleagues (and investors!) put on a maxi pad for an hour to see how they like it (answer: not very much).

Women Of Mercer - THINX, LOLA, Lia Diagnostics

We know we speak for women everywhere when we say thank goodness these three brands came along! Lia makes flushable and biodegradable pregnancy tests. Which not only makes a huge difference to our environment (approximately 3 million pounds of plastic are used annually with current pregnancy test options), but also gives women discretion, comfort, and safety. Did you know the incidence of domestic abuse actually goes up when the female partner is pregnant?

LOLA makes 100% organic cotton tampons, panty liners, and pads. Did you know the other companies (cough – Tampax, Playtex, Kotex - cough) aren’t required to list all the ingredients in their tampons? That is terrifying considering that you INSERT it into your body, and scary things like TSS can make you very ill. Jordana told us about pitching to male-dominated VCs. One man asked why tampons were different sizes and said, “is it because women have different size vaginas?” Oh dear. These are the people who have been making our tampons since the dawn of time!

THINX makes period-proof underwear, which really are a thing that hoards of people swear by. Not only do they take away the need for late-night trips to CVS, but as a company they do so much good in developing countries – to date they’ve helped get 60,000 women back in school, and are about to launch a Thinx Foundation.

One message that was loud and proud throughout the evening was that we need to end the stigma of menstruation - it is natural and not something women or girls should be ashamed of. These amazing CEO’s are paving the way for women to succeed, one feminine product at a time! 

Women Of Mercer Panel - By Chloe

Women Of Mercer Panel - Inday

Women Of Mercer Panel - Suja

Special thanks to our friends at Suja, Inday, and By Chloe – YUM!