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How to Choose the Perfect Bouquet

Designing a bouquet can be overwhelming, so we've gathered a few essential things to keep in mind next time you are on the hunt! 

Choosing the right bouquet can often feel like a check off the to-do list. We go into the store, we pick the arrangement that appeals to us the most in our price range, and we leave. However, sometimes the occasion or person is extra special and we want to put a little more effort into personalizing the arrangement- even if that person is yourself! If you are someone who wants to put a little more thought into this process, look no further than the guide we’ve put together for you.

1. How would you describe the recipient?

When imagining the perfect bouquet, it’s important to think of the characteristics of the person receiving the flowers. Is their style elegant and classic or edgy and bold? Having this in mind first will allow you to paint a picture in your head to act as guide for the rest of your decisions. In addition to this, it’s also important to consider the occasion you are giving it for. If it is for someone who is sick you might want to intentionally pick brighter flowers to cheer them up. If it is to honor someone who has passed, consider neutral colors like white so as to be respectful of the occasion.

2. Think of the accessories you want to include

Whether you aspire to make a funky bouquet or a classic one, accessories make all bouquets special and show you really put some thought into it. For a more toned down look to your bouquets we suggest putting ribbons on it or even adding infant buds to add different shapes and colors to your bouquet- this way the bouquet has the fun addition of morphing as time goes by.

3. Look into which flowers are in season

Picking flowers that are in season are essential to giving a bouquet that is sure to last through time. It’s important to look into which flowers will be the freshest, but remember who you are buying your flowers for; if none of the seasonal flowers match the recipient, you can do without it! However, flowers come in so many colors and shapes, it’s almost assured you can find an appropriate seasonal one. In season flowers last longer than others and also have the boldest fragrances. To name a few, this April’s flowers of choice are tulips, sweet peas, gardenias, and peonies.

4. Consider the shape of the bouquet

Are you going with a more tailored and symmetrical design, or would a free form bouquet make more sense? Some elements to consider here are the colors you want in the bouquet; if you want bold contrasting colors be mindful of the shape of each individual flower when you put them next to each other. Another thing to consider is the height of the bouquet. Do you want a simple, plateau bouquet with bright flowers, or an undulating tall bouquet? If the bouquet will serve as a centerpiece, we suggest going with a bouquet with some height variance.

5. Take note of their maturity

It may be tempting to pick the flowers that are in full bloom, as they look the brightest and fullest. The whole point of flowers is to fill your space with vitality, right? Well, the best way to make sure that your bouquet does this for the longest amount of time is to choose flowers that aren’t fully bloomed. Usually, flowers that are just about to bloom are the best to sprinkle into the mix to ensure that they still have color to them and will complement the bloomed flowers you choose. This way, when the older flowers die, you can remove them from the bouquet and keep the younger flowers.

Your bouquet has an infinite possibility of appearances. Remember to always consider the recipient and the freshness of the bouquet, and the rest will follow! The more though you put into the bouquet, the more it will have the ability to set the ambiance and mean something special to the person you made it for. Good luck!