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Healthy Habits to Help You De-stress While Working from Home

Our 10 tips & tricks to help you recharge throughout the day.

With the impending future of your work-life promising more zoom call meetings and projects done from the couch, we believe it is so important to prioritize your wellbeing. We know how easy it can be to stare at our screens all day and not think twice about it. However, incorporating small routines into your day that get you away from the screen can really add up to big changes- for both your physical and mental health. Read on to hear what we've been doing to recharge and recenter during these unprecedented times.

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Yoga to center your mind and body- The benefits of yoga reach far and wide- according to the American Osteopathic Association, it can relieve stress, sharpen concentration, and improve respiration, vitality, and energy. Still not sure if yoga is right for you? Try this quick 20-minute sequence that is made for the complete beginner and the perfect way to test the waters!

Curl up with a good book or podcast- There is no comfort like a hot cup of tea, your favorite blanket, and a book that lets you escape reality for a little while. If you're in need of some inspiration, check out the book picks we have been obsessing over here or switch it up with a podcast- here are our current favorites, featuring some inspiring and trailblazing women. 

Get creative and start journaling- There are no rules with this one- you can write your own dreams, goals, thoughts, or feelings. Keep it lighthearted and fun or treat it like a therapy session. Being able to look back and understand how you were feeling and what was happening in the world can be very valuable to your future self. 

Bake something new- So, maybe you're like the rest of us who overdid it with the banana bread recipe back in quarantine. A quick scroll through Pinterest will give you an array of fresh new ideas worth trying in between those zoom calls. We recommend this soft peanut butter cookie recipe or these blueberry oatmeal muffins to get started. Our mouths are watering already! 

Go for a walk- We know this seems like the oldest trick in the book, but seriously, just 20 minutes a day outside can cure just about anything. Hit send on that last email and lace up those sneakers. You'll feel refreshed and re-energized after getting a little sunshine and fresh air. 

Switch up your skincare routine- Working from home has proven itself to be, at times, more stressful than pre-pandemic office life. And with these new stressors comes new skincare obstacles. Routine is good, but sometimes your skin needs a little refresher; try out a new face mask or make your own DIY exfoliating scrub. The possibilities are endless. 

Have a closet clean-out- Organizing your closet can quite literally make you feel like a brand-new woman. We recommend getting rid of anything you haven't worn in the past 2 years, and always make sure to donate or repurpose pieces before resorting to throwing them away. Some great places to start are your local Goodwill, or fun reselling platforms, like Poshmark and Threadup. Bonus tip: sing along to your favorite album while doing it! 

Tap into your artistic side- Harnessing your creative abilities has never been easier; adult coloring books have been all the rage to relieve stress, and you can find a bunch on Amazon right now. Or maybe you're feeling a little bit braver and want to follow a Bob Ross tutorial. In that case, throw down some newspaper, grab your canvas and brushes, and let your inner artist out. 

Dress yourself up- We know how easy it is to stay in our sweatpants and slippers while working from home. However, sometimes it helps to make yourself look a little more presentable. So, paint your nails, put on your favorite outfit, do your full glam makeup routine to some Beyonce- whatever makes you feel a little more beautiful. 

Let off steam with an at-home workout- Getting a good sweat session in can change your outlook for the entire day. When your back starts to ache from being hunched over at your computer, and the emails keep piling up, take a break and check out Chloe Ting's workout videos- they are easy to follow at home and guaranteed to leave you feeling strong and satisfied!