From the Runway to Your Of Mercer Closet

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From the Runway to Your Of Mercer Closet

Look no further than our Of Mercer pieces for looks that resemble the runway. Read more to see if you already have one of these pieces in your closet!

Take a look inside your closet. It’s guaranteed to be laden with pieces that resemble the structures and color combinations of many designers. In fact, both small brands and big brands work to influence each other and create trends and the chosen color combinations of the season. If you’ve been dying for a Chanel dress but aren’t ready to break the bank, we have just the holiday remedy- Of Mercer! Taking from the newest styles in Spring/Summer 2021 collections, we’ve rounded up Of Mercer pieces that resemble the latest collection of designer goodies!

Chanel Dress

Chanel’s B&W Printed Dress- This black and white print was all over the new Chanel collection- if you own our Elliot Dress, you will definitely be shocked at the similarity of the prints on each dress. So, if you like the flavor of the Chanel collection, look no further than your trusty Of Mercer dress which is a little shorter in length, making for the perfect pair to stockings in the cold or bare legs in warmth!

APC necklace

A.P.C.’s Short Accent Necklace- Simple, short necklaces are the perfect accent to both high-neck and low-neck tops. In this new A.P.C. collection, they use a necklace that resembles the idea of our Floating Pearl Necklace; versatile and charming.

Givenchy Blazer

Givenchy Black Blazer-  The tailored waist and structured shoulders of this Givenchy blazer signal that oversized blazers aren’t the only way to style your workwear! We love our Prince Blazer for its same quality of being sleek and fitted.

Gucci Belt

Gucci Thin Belt- This upcoming season, Gucci used thin belts throughout their different looks. Whether it matched the whole outfit perfectly or acted as a color contrast, our Of Mercer belts do exactly the same thing. Made of vegan leather, our belts come in 7 different colors and patterns so you can be a Gucci x Of Mercer collab queen! 

Tailored Pants

Maryam Nassir Zadeh Tailored Pants- This new line is a fresh and youthful ode to spring. Key in this is the relaxed look of some tapered pants. Well, look no further than our trusty Lexington Pants to provide you with the perfect length and boss-girl look that will carry you through every season.

Fendi Dress

Fendi Flutter Sleeved Dress- Flutter sleeves are the perfect look if you prefer to avoid the tank-top style dress. Not only that but it adds a feminine touch that is perfect for a little Zoom flirting! Our Carmine Dress does exactly what the Fendi dress does, except with more coverage around the waist, making it perfect for any crowd!

Gucci Scarf

Gucci’s Printed Scarf- Say hello to the 70s! Gucci’s wrap around scarf resembles our Square Scarf in its vintage quality. Whether you want to pair it with a dress or a blazer, both create the perfect image of elegance.