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Our Favorite Holiday Gift Guide Picks

Presents for the dasher, prancer, and vixens in your life.


Holiday Gift Guide Favorites - Of Mercer Blog

Time’s a tickin’—Christmas is only days away. While many overachievers out there have checked off every last name on their list… Others (no pointing fingers!), have some serious shopping to do.

If you’re still on the hunt for the perfect presents for your leading ladies (i.e., your effortlessly polished boss, cool-casual co-worker, fun and fresh little sis, or trendsetting BFF), have no fear… Our holiday gift guide definitely has you covered!

And if you can’t decide which gift to give, take a peek below at a few of our favorite go-to picks.

Holiday Gift Guide Favorites - Of Mercer Blog

The Deets


(1) Blazer / (2) Leather Card Case / (3) Little Black Dress / (4) Scarf


(1) Charcoal Dress / (2) Necklace / (3) Silk Top / (4) Scarf


(1) Blue Dress / (2) Bracelets / (3) Silk Top / (4) Scarf


(1) Cherry Red Dress / (2) Candle / (3) Little Black Dress / (4) Scarf