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5 Ways to Glam Up Your Winter Blues

We've rounded up five ways to make your winter a little more stylish. Get ready for some quarantine opulence! 

With the winter blues in full swing- no exciting holidays, colder weather, and less sun- a lot of us have been leaning into the comfortable winter aesthetic. That means sweats, sweats, and more sweats. While we do love that for us all, sometimes dressing up a little can change our moods and get us out of our monotonous winter mindsets! One simple way to do this is by changing up your wardrobe a bit in the morning. This can be something as simple as a pair of earrings you are excited to wear or as extravagant as a whole piece by piece outfit. Whatever your type is, we want you to feel good about yourself, so read along!

Have a Breakfast at Tiffany's Moment 

Wear your pearls, real or fake; everyone could use a good Audrey Hepburn moment in this weather. Recreate that iconic scene at the beginning of Breakfast at Tiffany’s! Prepare your croissant and dainty coffee cup while you enjoy your first sips of the day embellished by your pearls. There is no shame in removing yourself from reality for an hour in the morning- in fact, it should be encouraged. With the snowstorms creating our own winter wonderland, you should have the perfect backdrop. And when that is over, make your way to your desk with your pearls and continue to ride the wave! Of Mercer has a simple drop pearl necklace that is perfect for a work zoom call and your Breakfast at Tiffany’s scene. The least we can do for ourselves after such a hard year is have a little fun.

Clean Out Your Closet

Ok hear us out on this one. Yes, this may sound like work but you always have to dig a little deep to strike gold! Everyone has those hidden gems in our closets that we haven’t touched for years, mostly because we haven’t been able to see them. While you’ll be doing yourself a favor by getting rid of clothes you don’t need and reorganizing your closet, you’ll also find clothes that you forgot you had and still love! Sometimes we find them and they are perfect as they are, but don’t forget that repurposing them is also an option. If it’s too big, consider cutting the bottom or sleeves up a bit. If it’s too small, consider making it into a headband or a scrunchie! We love this simple way of making a hair band from your tshirt!   

Decorate Your Space

We don’t have to completely focus on our appearance if we don’t want to, though. Décor may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but it definitely makes your environment feel more personalized. A couple areas that are sure to make your day brighter are your desk space and your kitchen- the two areas where you probably spend the most time in quarantine. One idea we love is to keep plants and crystals on your desk! Succulents are the easiest kind to keep because they require little to no watering so they are hassle free, and crystals make your desk look a little more special without cluttering it. The best part is that both things won’t break your bank. In your kitchen, why not decorate in a nice mason jar and keep a candle inside to set the mood right while you cook dinner? Mason Jars are the perfect containers for candles if you don’t have anything else to keep it in because they don’t crack or burst, so you won’t have a mess on your hands- only a relaxing atmosphere. Who says indoor dining is closed?

Have a Virtual Cocktail Party  

We love that everyone is having wine Wednesday’s or weekly wine hauls in quarantine; everyone deserves to decompress! But the remedy to winter blues is to spice up your routine with something exciting! Doing a virtual cocktail party with a couple friends is the perfect excuse to not only dress up but to make a cocktail you’ve been meaning to try- or a cocktail you haven’t had in a while! Running out of ideas for perfect cocktails? Check out this website that offers plenty of ideas of some toasty winter cocktails- and while you’re at it, bring those pearls back into the game with your favorite dress. It’s a party, after all!

Invest in New Dishes

This is no DIY! We are talking full out treating yourself- because you deserve the best after all your hard work! Having a nice plate, nice cutlery, or some nice new glasses you’ve had your eye on are the perfect way to experience luxury in your daily routine. The best part is that it can be completely personalized to your definition of luxury. Etsy has an array of incredible home made dinnerware (let’s be honest, it can be for every meal) that can suit any type of style. Pick your budget and get to making your days just a little brighter!