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5 Steps to Starting Your Manifestation Journal

There is nothing you cannot be, do, or have. Read on to find out how.

Manifestation journals are our latest obsession as we navigate the unfamiliar waters of an on-going pandemic. For a little background, manifestation is the outward expression of desire to bring something into your physical reality. It is a process most often associated with the Law of Attraction, which is the belief that focusing on certain thoughts can accordingly yield positive or negative experiences. In short, what you put out into the universe is what you are going to get back. Now, it’s natural to be skeptical of spirituality and universe talk, but manifestation journals are action-oriented and a great form of self-reflection even without considering its spiritual implications! We have put together a list of easy-to-follow steps, advice, and resources to help you kick start your journey with manifestation.

Step 1: Learning the basics- For those seeking a more comprehensive understanding of the Law of Attraction and the logic behind it, the following resources are worth checking out. Ask and It Is Given by Esther and Jerry Hicks is an insightful read that details how the Law of Attraction influences many different aspects of your life. If you prefer documentaries, The Secret features thought-provoking interviews from several leading voices in the Law of Attraction and manifestation. It is available to watch for free on YouTube. Some other helpful tools to take advantage of include TUT’s notes from the universe, which is a free email subscription service that sends short personalized notes that keep you on track with your manifestation goals. Finally, this resource from the blog Court’s Universe provides some great starter prompts to guide your manifestation journal.

Step 2: Setting intentions- This next step is completely unique to you. Start by brainstorming the goals and desires that occupy your mind the most. When you feel that you have a clear vision in mind, grab that journal and jot down what you intend to manifest within the next week, month, or even year. Remember that there are no strict rules or harsh deadlines- this is about creating your own experiences as it feels right to you. The trick is to let go of any doubt and write your intentions out as if you were absolutely certain you will accomplish all of them. For example, if your intention is to get outside more and connect with nature, write “I will spend more time outdoors” rather than “I want to spend more time outdoors.”

Step 3: Take meaningful actions- Sharing your intentions with the people around you is a great way to hold yourself accountable. Once you speak it out into the world, you are getting one step closer to making it a reality. Know that positive changes take place when you believe in yourself and trust that your intentions are going to happen. In addition, it is helpful to remind yourself of your intentions daily- the TUT service is a great way to do so, as well as keeping your manifestation journal close by! Finally, be open to all experiences; you must take risks to find new paths.

Step 4: Be mindful of successful manifestations- Believe it or not, you have likely already successfully manifested some things into your life. Maybe there was a dream job offer that you obtained- look back at the actions you took to get yourself there. You set your intention of getting that job, worked hard, thought about it constantly, and believed that you were deserving of this achievement. Now that you have the tools to start your own manifestation journal, you can write down the details of past manifestations and learn from those successes.    

Step 5: Practice gratitude- Keeping a manifestation journal is a great way to look back on all of your progress. It also helps you to document when and how you were able to attract certain things into your life that you felt were once missing. When you focus your energy on being grateful, kind, and loving you receive it back. When you put some trust in the universe, coupled with your own hard work of course, everything works out as it should- and it makes the process a little less stressful! Now that you possess the knowledge and power to start your manifestation practice, there is no limit to the things you can bring into your life!