5 Updates Your Desk Needs

So you can do your work in style.


From the brilliant stylists at Hamlet

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Photo by Hamlet

Now that you have an effortlessly chic Of Mercer uniform, your desk could use a little love. That plastic pencil cup? You deserve better. So, we turned to Hamlet, a text message based home décor start-up, for five easy fixes to upgrade your desk game in a pinch. Hamlet Stylists help potential customers find and buy product tailored to their budget and style, all over text message (seriously! text 646-586-2260).

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Photo by Hamlet

Here’s their round-up of super easy, quick updates for an Of Mercer-worthy desk. Fresh off the presses – ahem, fresh from the desks -- of the Hamlet Styling team:

1 | A tray – technically, we’re recommending a tray to stay organized. Here’s the spot for those loose papers, stray lip balms, and tiny post-it notes. Truthfully, we’re recommending a tray because its your moment to indulge in the bold color or wild pattern you love. They’re easy to swap out and they don’t take up a ton of space – a perfect moment for a risk, with a sprinkle of practicality. Orange? Leopard print? Yes, please. [our pick!]

2 | Coasters – even if you’re cube doesn’t “need” protecting, coasters are another awesome way to bring in pops of color or new materials (read: geode, please) easily. You’ll only need one, so you could bring the others home, or offer them to your neighbors as gifts. [our pick!]

3 | Pencil holder – replacing a boring plastic piece with a fun mug, colorful glass, or even a small vase will bring you joy every time you reach for your pen. We know this is an obvious one, but we had to do it. So many people forget to make this simple, desk-changing update, and the impact is huge! [our pick!]

4 | Succulents or, ahem, “eternal” flowers – we’re not above ice in our wine, and we’re not above faux florals either. In fact, we’ll insist that you call them “eternal” flowers instead. You can really indulge in some fancy, truly gorgeous pieces; you can also scoop up some good ones under $50 that will add some color and a nod to nature to your space. If that’s not your bag, pick up a succulent at Whole Foods or online to remind you there’s a world out there! [our pick!]

5 | A fancy calendar – we live and die by our Outlook calendar too, but we still have a pretty, illustrated calendar propped up on its own easel so that we can check the date in style. It’s almost like having a little piece of functional art on your desk. A nostalgic nod to old fashioned desk etiquette, the physical calendar is a beautiful way to add illustration and color to your desk. You can put it right next to your iPhone charger. [our pick!]