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4 Essential Pieces You Need in Your Workwear Wardrobe

Whether you like a minimalist closet or can’t get enough clothes, you need these four pieces in your workwear arsenal!

Each part of a suit, dress, or pant is important to the way you present yourself. While every piece works in symbiosis to create a larger, more defined set, each individual item dances to its own rhythm. We wanted to pay tribute to the characters of the clothes in all of our closets. Some more versatile than others, our list can help you compile the perfect set of workwear outfits and pieces.

Printed or Textured Top

Workwear tops are essentials- they are just as versatile as pants and finalize your blazer look. To make it easier on you, choose tops that have a reasonable neckline and sleeve- this way you will never feel uncomfortable with taking your blazer or jacket off. Most importantly though, you should definitely have a textured or printed top in your closet. Whether you take one hour to get ready or fifteen minutes, we all want to show a little personality in our outfits. The easiest way to do this is with a printed top; everyone owns solid blazers, pants, and skirts, so a pop of print is the easiest way to make a statement. For this reason, the Lawrence Top will be your best friend. It has a cheeky floral pattern that is appealing to the eye, but comes in black and white so as not to overwhelm the rest of your look. Rejoice in her charm!


There is little difference in the feel of your pajamas and your trousers. Both can be made of comfortable materials, both are flexible. Trousers are the dream pant for people who prioritize comfort with style. The best part is that most trousers have elastic bands, so don’t worry about feeling uncomfortable with that food belly- order what you like! Even better, the relaxed fit of trousers makes it easy to style as long pants or cuff up to draw attention to your shoes. Our Beekman Pants fit this bill perfectly. Coming in four different colors, you will never have to shop for another pair of pants again- and the style is so versatile that no matter what mood or aesthetic you are leaning towards, you have something you can rely on. 

Wrinkle Free Blazer

One classic staple in everyone’s workwear closet is a blazer. No matter the color, shape, or size, blazers are there for you if it is cold, if you want to look more polished, or even if you need to cover up a pesky post lunch stain on your shirt- we get it either way. So yeah, blazers are essential, and it is worth picking the perfect one. When you get up in the morning after snoozing your alarm twice, you don’t want to have to spend any extra time perfectly ironing the piece that everyone sees on your first. We know you are on the go and you should not have to worry about wrinkling your blazer with each seat you sit in, you have more important things to spend your mental energy on! So if you have to buy one blazer, do it right, there is no shortcut for wearing a blazer that gives you much-needed shortcuts. Of Mercer’s Clarkson Blazer and Lenox Blazer V2 are fan favorites for their wrinkle-free feature and chic, streamlined looks. Everything modern is also functional, give it a try!  

A Dress

Yeah, it’s as simple as that- “a dress.” The most stylish, comfortable, and easy thing you can have in your wardrobe. With the least effort involved, dresses are easy for those days you want to look good and give off a good impression, but don’t have the will to put an entire outfit together. And you shouldn’t have to worry about tomorrow’s apparel; after work hours are specifically reserved for wine and Netflix. Some people aren’t “dress people,” until they find out how effortlessly sharp they are. Whether you are a flowy dress kind of person or you like a tight-fit and straight lines, there is a dress out there calling your name. For those who appreciate a classic elegance, we suggest the Gramercy Dress. Enchant those around you with its cowl neckline in either teal or black. For those who like something a little more flowy, we love the Chelsea Dress made from Japanese stretch crepe, ensuring it will glide with you to all meetings and lunches at the park. Find the Chelsea dress in fern or black.

With spring calling all our names on the horizon, it’s time to reevaluate our wardrobes. Whether you like a minimalist closet or can’t get enough clothes, you need these four pieces in your workwear arsenal. Need some help? Reach out to Of Mercer’s personal stylist to cater to your exact needs and style! Talk soon.