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12 emails you'll actually want in your inbox.


Newsletters You Actually Want In Your Inbox | Of Mercer Blog

No one likes a flooded inbox. These days it seems like we spend more time sifting through junk emails just to find a few worthwhile reads. Despite the occasional inbox overload, there are a handful of emails that we’re always on the lookout for (as in, we read them through and often pass them along to a friend). Take a peek below at the top 12 emails we subscribe to. The emails cover a variety of topics—from fashion to career advice to current events—and are definitely worth signing up for.

Emails You Actually Want In Your Inbox | Of Mercer Blog

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Fast Company: Stay up to speed on the latest headlines regarding entrepreneurship, technology, and business with Fast Company emails. You’ll be inspired by editorial content that pushes boundaries and brings you exclusive looks at innovative companies.


theSkimm: Working ladies are busy, so catching up on current events isn’t always top of mind. That’s why we love theSkimm. Sign up for this e-blast, and you’ll have all of the day’s news headlines packaged up and summarized in one easy-to-read email every weekday morning.


Glitter Guide: One of our favorite lifestyle websites (written by women and for women) sends out a daily email highlighting their most recent articles. Glitter Guide’s topics cover everything from fashion and beauty tips to career profiles.


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The Everygirl: Another awesome women-founded website that offers a handy daily email. The Everygirl’s emails are filled to the brim with links to practical articles about career development, personal growth, traveling, style, and much more.


Goop: Who isn’t inspired by Gwyneth Paltrow (talented actress, entrepreneur, working mom, etc.)? Naturally, we had to sign up for Goop, an email curated by GP herself. We always take a minute to read through the weekly edition when it hits our inbox.


Levo League’s “The Brief”: Levo League is our go-to website for anything related to professional development. Monday through Friday, we indulge in “The Brief,” an email that covers news headlines, women in the workplace, plus other fun topics you’ll want to chat about over happy hour.


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Bloglovin’: If you have a ton of blogs bookmarked but find it hard to keep up with all of the latest posts, then Bloglovin’ is for you. Once you sign up, you can specify all of your favorite blogs in one place. Bloglovin’ will send you a daily email with links to the blogs’ most current posts.


The Lunch Read: This email is ideal for taking a mental breather during the workday. Each week, The Lunch Read sends links to interesting and popular articles across the web. The best part? Approximate reading times are provided for each article, so you can pick which ones to read based on your schedule.


Who What Wear: This email is a must for the fashion obsessed. Read up on current trends, style advice, and shopping tips. We especially love WWW’s occasional features on dressing for work or finding success in the fashion industry.


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PureWow: A go-to site for women that contains an eclectic array of articles. PureWow’s emails roundup the site’s most current content. Among other topics, read about health tips, recipes, and beauty advice.


The Muse: Another great career-focused website. We like The Muse’s “Sunday Inspiration” emails, which include links to motivational articles—the perfect read before gearing up for a big workweek.


New York Magazine’s “The Cut”: With this e-blast, you get the “The Cut’s” most recent articles. Editorial content spans beyond fashion and delves into relevant topics for chic, savvy, and edgy women.


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