Give Your Closet a Spring Cleaning

With these five simple questions.


Give Your Closet A Spring Cleaning - Of Mercer Blog

Nothing is more overwhelming than waking up to a cluttered closet. It can be tough to put together a presentable workday outfit when your closet is a hot mess. (Full disclosure: We’ve definitely been there!)

If you find yourself rummaging through heaps of clothes just to find your favorite LBD or go-to blazer, your closet might be in need of a little spring cleaning.

There’s bound to be a few items in everyone’s closet that can be tossed or donated (e.g., that pantsuit you purchased for your first “real” interview or that extensive collection of sorority formal dresses).

Spring is the perfect time to get your wardrobe into shipshape. A tidy closet can speed up your AM routine and help start the day with clarity.

Wondering where to begin? Examine each item in your closet, and ask yourself these 5 Qs. If you answer “no” to any question, toss the item.

Five Questions For Spring Cleaning - Of Mercer

Q1. Have you worn the item in the past year? If you haven’t worn an item in the past 12 months, chances are slim that you’ll ever wear it again. Need a little help? Try flipping all of the hangers in your closet backwards. Once you take an item off of a hanger, reverse that hanger to a normal position. After a year, toss the items still remaining on backwards hangers.

Q2. Is the item free of damages? Holes, snags, and stains are never okay in the workplace. As much as you love a blouse, you may need to let it go if that merlot stain just won’t budge. And for items with missing buttons or broken zippers, be honest with yourself about whether you’ll get those pieces repaired. If a damaged item has been collecting dust in your closet for more than a month, your best bet will be to part with it.

Q3. Does the item still fit? This is an obvious question, but still very necessary. When it comes to fit, be sure to think about your work environment—it’s okay to part with that frumpy pantsuit or too-tight pencil skirt.

Q4. Does the item suit your lifestyle? For us, work and life are completely integrated. We may leave an EOD meeting to go out with friends or to attend a networking event. If an item in your closet can only be worn in the office (i.e., you’d never wear it out), consider investing in pieces that are more versatile for your day-to-day. The Of Mercer collection takes us through our workdays and beyond.

Q5. Does the item “spark joy”? Marie Kondo’s book, The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up, focuses on decluttering spaces by surrounding yourself with items that “spark joy.” We recommend applying this tip for a closet clean out. Your clothes should excite you and make you feel confident. If something in your closet simply doesn’t “spark joy,” you can do without it. See our favorite Of Mercer pieces that "spark joy”!

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