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Time to Chill

Our favorite ways to unwind after work.


Favorite Ways To Unwind Of Mercer Blog

Image via Camille Styles

November totally crept up on us. We blinked, and suddenly fall was in full swing. Long, busy workdays can be notorious this time of year (you know the drill… wrapping up end-of-year projects and meeting deadlines before taking a big holiday vacay).

Even if you’re putting in some major overtime this month, it’s important to take a little time to unwind. Around the Of Mercer HQ, we’re big believers in working hard and playing hard, so we’re sharing a few of our favorite ways to chill out. Consider this your friendly reminder that there’s more to life than the 9-to-5.


(1) Happy hour: There’s nothing like meeting a good friend after work for a venting session and a glass (or two!) of wine. (Image via Jana Williams)

(2) Retail therapy: You’ve worked hard this year, so don’t forget to treat yourself now and then. Our new fall arrivals are calling your name! (Image via Garance Doré)

(3) Dinner party: Delicious food and good conversation can make all your work worries drift away (even if it’s just for an evening). (Image via Glitter Inc.)

(4) Leisure reading: Unplug at night (no obsessive email checking!) and cozy up to a good book an hour or so before going to bed. (Image via Make Life Easier)

(5) Get crafty: Take a weekend afternoon to spruce up your after-five domain with a fall flower arrangement. And, trust us, you don’t have to be Martha Stewart to call it a success. (Image via SMP Living)

(6) Sweat it out: We can get antsy spending our days behind a desk. After hitting the gym, somehow we feel reenergized and ready to take on the next big project. (Image via Refinery29)


What are your favorite ways to unwind after a hectic workday? Tweet at us, @OfMercer.