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Bright + Fun Office Supplies

Stock up on these vibrant office supplies to perk up your workspace. 


Photo via Pink Peonies

It’s back-to-school time, and the inner school kid inside each of us is dying to splurge on some serious supplies. There’s nothing better than stocking up on colorful folders, fun notebooks, and no. 2 pencils. Even if you’re not heading back to school this fall, you can still indulge in some vibrant office supplies to perk up your workspace. Take a peek at all the goods we’re currently coveting.


The Deets

(1) Notebooks: Paperthinks via Jenni Bick Bookbinding / (2) Colored pencils: Muji via The Museum of Modern Art Store / (3) “Hustle” notepad: Charm & Gumption / (4) Paper clips: Mondial Lus via The Container Store / (5) Planner: Kate Spade / (6) Pens: Delfonics via Fellow Barber / (7) Scissors: poppin. / (8) Thumb tacks: Mondial Lus via Teroforma / (9) Stapler: Jonathan Adler via Urban Girl Office Supply / (10) Folio case: poppin. / (11) Calculator: Anthropologie / (12) Pencil pouch: invite.L