12 Chic & Savvy Office Hacks You Need

(to make work easier and more stylish!)


We’re all about helpful tips to make life at work easier, organized, and more efficient. We’ve put together a handy list of the top 12 must-try office hacks. These clever ideas are pure genius (and they’re also pretty stylish too). Say goodbye to office clutter… Being organized looks good on you. 

The Deets

(1) Clip a cup holder on your desk: If you’re worried about spilling your morning latte on your keyboard (yes… we’ve been there), a clip-on cup holder is a godsend. (Photo via

(2) Label charger cords with washi tape: It can be confusing to keep all the crazy cords straight. Labeling them with washi tape is the perfect solution. (Photo via iHeart Organizing)

(3) Paint an office wall with chalkboard paint: The result is great for brainstorming sessions and to-do lists. Our favorite idea is to deck out the wall with a monthly calendar. (Photo via Martha Stewart)

(4) Color staples with a gold paint pen: It’s all about the details! Basic staples get a makeover with a shiny gold paint pen. (Photo via Twig and Thistle)

(5) Use a drawer pull as a chalk holder: Secure an upside-down drawer pull to your wall to hold chalk or other office goodies like thumbtacks or paperclips. (Photo via Landeelu)

(6) Use binder clips to hang paper/decor: This isa fabulous way to keep papers looking tidy. For a super chic look, paint the binder clips with gold spray paint.(Check out the tutorial on Design Sponge.)(Photo via Design Sponge)

(7) And, use a binder clip to keep cords in place:  Tired of your phone charger always slipping off your desk and onto the floor?A binder clip is a nifty tool to keep the charger right where you want it.(Photo via The Pampered Mom)

(8) Turn an old cassette tape case into a phone stand: Create a go-to place for your phone by popping open a cassette case.(Photo via Love Aesthetics)

(9) Use clip-on desk organizers: Tight on surface space? Turn coffee cans or loaf pans into clip-on desk containers. (Check out the tutorial on Brit+Co.) Then, fill the containers with pens, pencils, and notebooks. (Photo via Brit+Co)

(10) Unclutter your desk with mason jars: If you have desk space but need a better way to organize your supplies, simply clean out old mason jars and fill them to the brim. (Photo via Real Simple)

(11) Hide cords with a fun shoebox/storage box: Conceal a surge protector and surrounding cords by placing them in a shoebox-sized storage box. Cut holes in the box to weave through the cords.(Photo via Simplette) 

(12) Attach envelopes to pocketless file folders: Make file folders more functional by gluing on envelopes. Envelopes make the perfect pockets for holding smaller items or important documents that you don’t want to misplace within the folder. (Photo via Martha Stewart)