The Perfect Office Scent

Our round up of the best smelling candles we can find.


Photo via
Design Darling

We’ve all pulled long workday hours, and there’s no denying that hanging in the office from dawn ‘til dusk can start to feel a little stuffy. When our offices are in need of a pick-me-up, a fabulous candle is our immediate fix. It’s amazing how certain smells can get creative juices flowing or ease stressful situations. Being the candle junkies that we are, we’ve put together a list of our all-time faves.

The Deets

(1) Capri Blue “Volcano” candle via Francesca’s: Running low on vacay days? You can still escape to a tropical destination with this citrusy pick. Tip: The cobalt blue jar makes the perfect pen/pencil holder when you finish the candle.
(2) Diptyque “Baies” candle via ZGO: You seriously can’t go wrong with this classic. Within minutes of lighting the candle, the entire office smells like roses and blackcurrant leaves… yes, please!
(3) Izola “Magnolia” candle: This eco-friendly gem is made from 100% vegetable wax and comes in a recycled glass container. Not to mention, the sweet magnolia scent perks up any mood.
(4) Nest “Orange Blossom” candle via Sephora: Having one of those days when lattes and Diet Cokes just aren’t cutting it? This pick will reinvigorate your senses and get you all the way to EOD.
(5) Voluspa “Baltic Amber” candle: There’s something so comforting about this warm, rich scent. It can make even the most sterile offices feel welcoming and cozy.
(6) Bond No. 9 New York “Wall Street” candle via Saks Fifth Avenue: A no-nonsense, down-to-business candle. It’s grittier than others, but it exudes power.
(7) Jo Malone “Lavender & Lovage” candle via Nordstrom: This luxurious lavender candle is our go-to for winding down after hectic days. Stress be gone!
(8) Kate Spade “Be Dazzling" candle via Bed Bath & Beyond: This candle looks chic on any desk.  More than anything, we love that is says, “Be Dazzling"… A little reminder that goes a long way.