Our Summer Styles: An American Story

Go behind the scenes on how we make our clothes in NYC.



Of Mercer Designed in NYC

Like all of our clothing, our summer styles are designed in our NYC headquarters by our Creative Director Aja Singer. Aja has designed women’s tailored goods for over 10 years and has a deep understanding of fit, detailing, and style. She draws inspiration from the latest trends (from runway to NYC street-style) and applies them to classic silhouettes. Once in a while, when Aja is feeling too avant-garde or risqué, co-founders Emelyn and Dorie will apply their years of corporate dressing and give her designs an office-appropriate edit. No zipping slits in the office!


Of Mercer Dresses Perfected in NYC

Our process for testing and perfecting our new styles is no small endeavor and involves numerous steps with our pattern and sample making teams here in NYC. Patterns for our pieces are constructed from scratch (or sketch!) based on Aja’s designs. We then fit the sample garment on our fit model Aurora, who is 5’8 and a size 6, to ensure consistency of fit across our collection. We then adjust the sample and repeat the fitting process until the garment meets our high standard of quality and fit. The pieces are then graded by an expert team to ensure that our sizes (from 00 to 14) run true-to-size.


Of Mercer Made in America 

Our pieces are all hand-crafted at our factory located in NYC’s garment district. The pieces are individually cut, sewn, and perfected. Because of our close proximity, we are able to visit our factory daily and have a personal relationship with the factory’s owners, whom we consider an extension of the Of Mercer team. We won’t name names, but our highly skilled team also makes clothes for some of your favorite contemporary designers found at Saks and Barney’s.

 SHOT IN NYCOf Mercer Photographed in Brooklyn

For our summer collection photo shoot, we choose none other than colorful Brooklyn, a borough with a rich history of American culture—and home to many of our favorite summer hangout spots. To capture the full Brooklyn summertime vibe, we shot our breezy products on a variety of sets, including an industrial Brooklyn factory, an open-air café, and the lively McCarren Park. We concluded the shoot on this sunny terrace with a sweeping view of the Manhattan skyline, perfect for reminding us where our clothing was born and made—in the USA!