Nina Rand's Week with Of Mercer!

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Women Of Mercer

Nina Rand's Week with Of Mercer!

Fashion blogger of the HSS Feed spends a week with our clothes.

Meet Nina! Fashion blogger (The HSS Feed), mom, and a big Of Mercer fan (aw, shucks!). She spent a week wearing Of Mercer, and looked totally fabulous. Read the whole post here: My Week With Of Mercer.

The HSS Feed in Of Mercer Thompson Dress

In the mean time, we wanted to introduce you a bit more to Nina, a total Woman Of Mercer!

Tell us a little bit about yourself. What do you do?  Where are you from? Where did you go to school? What were some of your first internships or jobs?

I grew up in Michigan, and actually just moved back to the town I grew up in for my husband’s new job. I am now an independent marketing consultant, where I do brand and social media strategy for clients, along with being a fashion and lifestyle blogger at The HSS Feed. I have a BA in Communications, specializing in Public Relations from Florida State University and an MBA from the University of Notre Dame. My background is primarily in PR and marketing and I spent a lot of my time in agency positions – although I did work for the Florida State athletic department for a while, on one of my random internships!

What prompted you to start a blog?

My sister and I started The HSS Feed together as just a project and a space where we would collect the fun new things that we found. It was also a good way for us to work together and spend time together since we lived so far apart.

What are you most excited or challenged by right now?

The fact that every day and every week is different, I never know what projects may come my way. It’s a good and bad thing because you can plan for a lot of things, but there are also lots of surprises along the way. 

The HSS Feed in Of Mercer Houston Blazer

How have you differentiated your blog from all the others out there? What do you think makes yours unique?

I’ve really wanted to show that family and fashion are not mutually exclusive. I’ve tried to stay true to my voice and personal style, and also show that sometimes things aren’t completely perfect – I mean, have you seen any of my recipe posts? They don’t look pretty but they’re easy and taste good!

You are a total model of work-life balance. What are your tips for keeping it all together?

Thanks, I’m flattered but some days it doesn’t feel that way! I try to stay as organized as possible and have several to do lists (segmented by work, home, baby, etc.) running at the same time so I never forget anything. I also try to plan ahead as much as possible, like having my son’s school bag always packed the night before, snacks and gym bags ready to go for the week and, thankfully, I have a great partner in my husband to help with a lot of things. 

How would you describe your style? What is your go-to work outfit? 

My style is simply chic. I don’t like adding too many accessories or overdoing the details. I have two go-to outfits. On an “at home” work day, I’m usually in jeans, a blazer and flats. And on a meeting day, I typically will wear a dress, heels and carry some sort of giant tote.

The HSS Feed in Of Mercer Kenmare Dress

What’s your favorite Of Mercer piece? How do you like to style it?

I really love the Kenmare dress. It is so comfortable and it goes with EVERYTHING. My favorite recent pairing with it has been turquoise earrings and some open toe heels for a luncheon.

What’s your favorite guilty pleasure?

I have a bit of a bad nail polish habit. For some reason, I’ve convinced myself I need nearly every new “limited edition” nail color I come across. I’ve got quite the collection now. 

What’s the last book you read?

I am in the process of reading Goldfinch. So many people were talking about it on social media that I had to check it out. The jury is still out on how well I like it, but it’s starting off well.

The HSS Feed in Of Mercer Stanton Dress

What’s the best advice you’ve ever been given?

“Do what you love.” And it’s one of the hardest things to do sometimes. I’m so thankful to have the opportunity to do what I love now and it’s a whole new game when you really enjoy work every day.

Who are some of your professional heroes or mentors?

I really admire female entrepreneurs who have created something really great and just keep on going. Amber Venz at rewardStyle is amazing to watch and I also think Sara Blakely at Spanx (thank you!) has done a great job with her brand.

What is your personal motto?

You can tell I’ve watched too many Disney movies with my son, but with all the very positive craziness in our life lately I find myself going “just keep swimming, just keep swimming.” 

Thanks for sharing, Nina! We are so excited to see all that's to come from The HSS Feed. PS - Dorie especially loves the Finding Nemo shout out - Finding Dory, coming to theaters near you in 2016.