#WomanOfMercer Betty Liu Event Recap | Of Mercer

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Women Of Mercer

"How C-Suite It Is"

Our #WomenOfMercer panel hosted by Bloomberg TV's Betty Lui.

This article was written by our friend and fab lifestyle blogger Elana Lyn. The original post can be found on ElanaLyn.com

The other day, I went to the Of Mercer store in New York City for their inaugural Women of Mercer event. I featured the founders, Emelyn Northway and Dorie Smith in a Career Profile a few months ago. Of Mercer’s workwear line is perfect for professional women. Every piece is stylish, chic, high-quality, and affordable. The clothes are Made in New York and everything costs $250 or less. When you mix and match their pieces, you’ll always have an outfit that can take you effortlessly from your desk to drinks and dinner.

Their first brick-and-mortar store in Chelsea is clearly a labor of love, each detail was carefully planned and picked out by Emelyn and Dorie. They even have an entire section featuring their new initiative, The 21st Collective, “a partnership of brands who are dedicated to enhancing the products and services that women rely on each day.”


Elana Lyn Of Mercer

Over 70 people came to Of Mercer for the panel, How C-Suite It Is,” lead by #WomenofMercer host and editor at large for Bloomberg TV, Betty Liu. The panel featuring Susan Lyne and Daniella Yacobovsky was recorded for Betty’s new podcast, Radiate. Susan Lyne is founder and managing director of BBG Ventures, a new venture fund for women-led tech start-ups. Daniella Yacobovsky is co-founder of the fashion jewelry site, BaubleBar.

The event was full of inspirational advice, but here were a few of my favorite quotes.

On asking for a raise:

“One thing women tend to do more than men is doubt themselves. We owe it to ask for what we believe we deserve.” —Daniella Yacobovsky

“I always cheer women asking me for a raise. I can count on one hand the number of women who have asked me for a promotion out of cycle but it’s happened more in the last 18 months. Maybe it’s because people are talking about it more. A lot of these things just take practice. You learn things just by doing them. Get a little uncomfortable.” —Susan Lyne

On networking: 

-“A better way to network and mentor is to volunteer for underserved jobs at work. Don’t just go to people and say, ‘I want you to be my mentor.’ Say, ‘How can I help?’ Those will be the lasting relationships.” —Susan Lyne

On bringing men on board to change bias towards women in business: 

-“Your workforce is going to look to your lead. When diversity starts at the top, change happens.” —Susan Lyne

-“Networking within organizations and forming personal relationships with people at work. Finding personal connections with people who want to help you.” —Daniella Yacobovsky

On work-life integration:

-“You have to find outlets. You have to sleep. You have to relax because otherwise it’s diminishing returns. As an entrepreneur, it’s really hard to turn it off.” —Daniella Yacobovsky

On competition:

-“The world is small. Have a cordial relationship [with competitors]. It’s important to keep relationships because you never know when you’ll be working with the person.”  —Daniella Yacobovsky

-“I try to meet them and have a cordial relationship with them. It’s easier if you can pick up the phone.” —Susan Lyne

On public speaking:

-“Read the room. Take the tone of the room.It creates a false sense of affinity.” —Daniella Yacobovsky

-“Practice and record yourself. Before the meeting or event, write down ten really important and necessary things you want to say.” —Susan Lyne