1 Skirt, 3 Dress Codes

How to look effortlessly cool in our tweed
Lafayette skirt this fall.


Our Lafayette Skirt is the perfect addition to every wardrobe. Available in blue and black/white tweed, the fully lined skirt is made with a combo of cotton and rayon, creating a balance between materials – allowing for a great, comfortable wear. Its frayed hem gives it a cool, downtown vibe while its knee-length look screams perfect for work. 

Not only is the Lafayette Skirt one of our favs because it’s tweed (and we’re obsessed with tweed, especially this fall!) but it’s one of the pieces we love styling because it works for many different occasions and we all know that versatility is key. Take a look below and you’ll find that its $145 price tag will actually get you a lot of value for your wear.

Business Formal: (Super) Power Suit

The professional in us loves a put-together business formal look and the tweed skirt pairs well with a fitted top. Throw on a mid-weight, stretchy blazer like our Lenox Blazer V2, and a pair of pumps and you will feel ready for that meeting you have been prepping for all week. Trust us, we know what we’re talking about.

How to Style A Tweed Skirt: Business Formal

Business Casual: AKA “Biz Caz”

If it’s a normal day at the office and you don’t have any important (or scary!) meetings to worry about, go for the business casual look. The Lafayette Skirt and a loose, playful blouse, like our Chrystie Top will do the trick. 

This look will tell your colleagues you’re professional and polished, you definitely know how to dress, but you also know what’s work appropriate. The navy top also creates a balance between the skirt’s multi-colored tones. Unexpected meeting? We’ve got you covered. Just knot the top’s neck tie, which will quickly elevate your outfit and take it to the next level. 

How to Style a Tweed Skirt for Business Casual

Casual: Low-Key, High-Impact

Though fashion is our game and dressing the executives is our passion, we love keeping it casual on a Friday. No meetings? No problem. Meeting friends for lunch? Yes, please. Slip into the Lafayette Skirt and pair it with a simple white tee and a pair of leather loafers. Nothing says Friday like this look. It’s easy, yet still clean and professional – just the way we like it.

To shop these styles, click here. Want more styling tips? Feel free to contact our style experts with any questions – we don’t keep secrets, we’ll share all of our favorite tricks!